Sunny Sooch, founder & Director

Sunny believes in a dedicated approach to athlete development and in the fact there are no shortcuts to growth. The fundamental values he stresses are the intangibles; work ethic, decision making, team focus, and dedication. He's a firm believer in laying a strong foundation for every athlete before building up.

Sunny played competitively through high school earning a handful of opportunities to play at the ACAC level by the end of senior year. In 2012-2013, he went back to play at MacEwan University before venturing into coaching through the Junior Griffins Program and eventually branching into helping build club, junior high, and high school programs in the area. Sunny now focuses on creating competitive basketball opportunities for athletes through GOOD, and leads the Canada Basketball T.A.S. Program in Edmonton as well.


Ryan bhalla, director

Ryan is a cerebral coach and athlete developer, he emphasizes biomechanics, technique and the technical aspects of the game is his coaching philosophy. Ryan has played for Team Alberta and McNally High School as an athlete and upon graduating from his undergraduate has been coaching full-time since.

Ryan is the driving force behind the L2T/T2T level programs in GOOD Hoops. Ryan has pioneered the Jr NBA Program for GOOD, running 4 age groups year round and providing a foundation for athletes to start playing basketball earlier than otherwise possible. Ryan is also the Lead Assistant Coach at MacEwan University since the 2018 season and has coached at FYBC, McNally High School and Ottewell Junior High School over the last few years.

stephan Burke

Stephan brings the grit to our team; his coaching philosophy and playing style is derived from hard work, dedication and purpose. Stephan is an educator but also a great mentor for our athletes; being successful as a multi-sport athlete he gives back through many aspects in our programs: on court, fitness, life skills and education.

Stephan is a multi-sport athlete turned coach; Stephan excelled in football and basketball throughout high school and pursued basketball at the highest level. Stephan played high school basketball at Harry Ainlay, and continued on to basketball for Coach Phil Allen at Lakeland College and then moved onto play at MacEwan University to end his playing career. Stephan has been a winner at every level, accomplishing team success at a high level at each of his playing stops. Stephan currently coaches the 15U GOOD Elite Program and Harry Ainlay Junior Men’s Basketball Team; Stephan’s coaching stops include McNally High School as well and now is an assistant with the Canada Basketball T.A.S. Program.